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Objective of thesis

  1. On-site research

  2. Tests on small-scale model in a wind tunnel

  3. Numerical analyzes using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

  4. Comparison of results

This research focuses on the history and performance evaluation of wind towers (Badgir in Persian), used for many centuries in the desert of central Iran, as well as the Persian Gulf.

The material used for Badgirs is usually adobe: a mixture of clay soil, straw and water. This natural material has high heat capacities which facilitate the extraction of hot air.

To understand how Badgirs work, we analyzed in situ measures, their transposition in a wind tunnel, ending with numerical simulation.

The objective of this research is to demonstrate the environmental performance of these ventilation and temperature control systems in buildings using natural ventilation rather than mechanical systems.

It appears in our latest numerical analyzes where the 32º angle remains the preferred angle of a Badgir against prevailing winds.

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